Untitled 3 by Finn Green

£99.00 - £249.00
Untitled 3 by Finn Green

11x14 Fine Art Print. Limited edition of 10 exclusively authorised by the artist for the Ginnel Community. Each print has an edition number and Ginnel Foto label on the back, making our prints highly desirable for any collector.

Untitled 3 by Finn Green.

Our standard print is on Permajet Oyster 271 paper. Since the start of the Ginnel Foto Fest, this is our preferred exhibition material. Great reproductive quality. All prints are made to order and take approx. 8 to 10 days.

For those wanting a true Baryta feel and maybe intending to display their print in a more contemporary way without window glass, we have chosen to offer A Permajet Heritage Museum 310 quality. Building on the excellent reputation we are totally convinced by this honest and heavy paper.

If you add any extras this may take up another 2 to 3 days. We exclusively print on Canon Pro printers and only use original Canon Chromalife 100 ink to ensure top quality and guaranteed fade resistance for 100 years.

Prints only will be posted in a strong postal tube. Adding extras will result in flat packing with utmost protective care using recycled material where possible without compromising on effective protection.