GINNEL KOLLEKTIV is honoured by the international community of artists that have joined us since 2016. As a Kollektiv we are offering a selection of limited edition artwork to the public. As much as we emphasise on affordability to encourage young collectors and new audiences by staring at only £99 we as well strive to support our associated artists.  We promise an instant payout of £ 50 on each sale. The reminder covers the costs of printing and serves as income for the organisation and helps to fund our new scheme GINNEL MISSION.

Furthermore, we invest in the local community and support small independent businesses. All additional options listed with each work of art is bespoke handmade in Ipswich by framer and gallerist Robin Peters. Robin is a key player in supporting the local art scene and offering monthly exhibitions throughout the year.

On this occasion, we would like to thank all our supporters and sponsors over the past years until today. Ipswich Borough Council through their Central and South-West Area Committees, Snappy Snaps-Ipswich, Lait Dance School in Clarkson Street, St Judes Brewery Tavern, The Angel, Woodbridge & The Duke, Ipswich, COES Ipswich, Ipswich Star, Rockafella Industries & Kaleidoscope Shop, On the Huh Restaurant, Frameworkshop, Robert Law Services and all our volunteers.