GINNEL MISSION is our new Return Investment Scheme. The funds we receive through our GINNEL KOLLEKTIV sales are split between the artist, the production and handling of the artwork and the income stream for the Ginnel Foto Community.

As a not for profit arts organisation GINNEL FOTO COMMUNITY wants actively support and promote the creation of new work. Bringing together local and international artists to join our unique group of practitioners.

From the organisation's income, we bank £ 10 of each sale into our GINNEL MISSION scheme. As soon as we reached £ 250 we publish a Call for Artists to propose a project towards a given theme. The chosen proposal receives the funding with the very simple condition, that the produced work can be sold through the GINNEL KOLLEKTIV.

The investment in return by the artist strengthens the organisation while the artist benefits from an additional income through sales, added to the initial funding. The first call is for existing GINNEL KOLLEKTIV artists only, followed by a new call open to all as soon as the funding target of £ 250 has been collected.

In that, we ensure internal support and help growing the GINNEL KOLLEKTIV at a steady pace.