CHEN, MIKE    Ipswich  based  fine  art photographer   with  great  interest  in  process, working in alternative and experimental techniques, often  based on coffee. Mike enjoys zine making and using mechnical typewriters.

ELLINGER, NADJA is a fine art photographer interested in the oral tale as a way to explore new narratives offside the path. She was born in 1993 in a small medieval village in the middle of Germany. Spending most time in the forest and in books she fell in love with fairy tales, folklore and storytelling. After completing a bachelor’s degree in photography at the University of Applied Science in Munich, she switched her focus from fashion photography to fine art photography and enrolled 2018 at the Royal College of Art in London. Nadja Ellinger


GANT, LEWIS Take a picture. It'll last longer. Lewis Gant

GLADDING, AMY Suffolk based art and photography teacher and creator using alternative methods, mixed media and collage techniques.Amy Gladding



Sian initially became inspired to pursue photography after visiting her first David Bailey exhibition accompanied by her Father at the age of fifteen whilst studying for her Art GCSE. During her A levels studying Art, Photography and Media she purchased her first DSLR camera which she still uses to this day alongside  In recent years Sian has enjoyed travelling the world and expanding her knowledge on both the theory and technical sides of photography. In 2018 she graduated with a First Class B.A (Hons) Photography degree at The University for the Creative Arts, Farnham. Sian is now currently studying at UCA on the MFA Photography course.  Sian Hayden


MANNING, ADRIAN Born 1965 in England, Adrian is an art-photography graduate exploring themes of entropy, human absence, materialism, emotional connection and life-cycle. The submission of four images from Cars of England was Sunday Times picture editor Russ O’Connell's 'Selector's choice' in his capacity as a judge for the Royal Photographic Society International Print Exhibition 159 (2016).

Russ O’Connell: There were a series of images that stood out to me from all of the singular entries in the competition, and that was Adrian Manning’s series on abandoned cars. Proud possessions, once peoples pride & joy, have been left to decay in their final resting places, driveways become graves or monuments, that hold past motoring icons, a million miles away from the shiny ads you would have seen of them in the pages of magazines or billboards of yesteryear, nature reclaiming their bodies in coloured patterns of rust and mould. Adrian Manning